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The executive board of the Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO salutes the career of its former executive secretary-treasurer, Frank Pecquex, who retired last year.

He started in the Labor Movement in 1964 by joining the Amalgamated Transit Union as a Greyhound ticket-taker at the New York World’s Fair. Afterwards he earned some dough at an A&P bakery, where he became a member of the Bakery Workers union.

A graduate of St. John’s University with a master’s degree in history, Pecquex was hired by the Seafarers International Union in 1967. He started as a researcher, moving to administrative work, then to organizing. Pecquex also worked in the union’s manpower department, where he formulated a plan to encourage and facilitate continuing education and upgrading for Seafarers.

In 1980, Pecquex was asked to join the MTD’s legislative team in Washington, D.C., where he worked on boosting awareness of the U.S.-flag fleet in Congress. In 1985, he was named the Department’s legislative director.  In 1991, he was promoted again, this time to MTD administrator. Two years later, Pecquex was elected the executive secretary-treasurer, where he served until signing off last year.

During his 31-year association with the MTD, Brother Frank earned the respect of his colleagues.  A decent and caring individual, he has had an impact on everyone in this room.  We celebrate his career and his dedication to the Labor Movement and the maritime industry.  We wish him, his beloved wife Linda, his children and grandchildren fair seas and following winds.