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AFSCME Members Join ‘March for California’s Future’


Members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) have undertaken a 48-day “March forCalifornia’s Future” to preserve that state’s public services system, which is being threatened by the current economic crisis.

Among the marchers will be hundreds of nurses, firefighters, police officers and health care workers, whose job security is in jeopardy.

The marchers are calling for a fairer tax system.  As Irene Gonzalez, a probation officer represented by AFSCME Local 685, noted, “We want fair taxes. We want to be able to live the American Dream for not only ourselves but for the future for our kids. We want better education…

“We don’t want to see (middle class) taxes go up, we’re asking big corporations, people who make over $250,000 (to step up to the plate). We’d like to see their taxes higher, not our taxes higher. And that’s what we need to get out to everybody, because when they hear ‘higher taxes’, everybody runs scared, like ‘oh no, they’re going to raise my taxes’.”

The march will culminate with an outdoor rally in front of theCaliforniaStateCapitolBuildinginFresno.

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