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Audubon Society Workers Flock To Cwa


More than 120 workers across 11 regions for the National Audubon Society in December voted overwhelmingly to join the MTD-affiliated Communications Workers of America (CWA).

Joining with a similar action taken by the society’s headquarters workers earlier in 2021, CWA will begin working with the Audubon for All Union members to negotiate a contract for more than 250 workers seeking better pay, improved healthcare benefits, job security and a less toxic work environment.

CWA noted the victories at Audubon would steer “a stronger alliance between labor and environmentalism.” The union already represents workers at various environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Sunrise Movements, and others.

The union said Audubon workers began their organizing effort after two rounds of layoffs, including one on Earth Day (April 22), and increased costs for health care during the covid pandemic. Workers also stated executives behind closed doors made all major decisions at the society.

The stated website goal of the not-for-profit Audubon Society is to protect birds and the places they need.

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