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Bctgm Members Strike Mondelez/nabisco Across Country


Bakery Workers (BCTGM) from Virginia to Oregon have had it with Mondelez’s ham-handed efforts to place them on a “diet” while the company continues to get fatter from the profits of Nabisco-brand snacks.

More than 1000 union members are hitting the bricks in Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado and Oregon as Nabisco continues to demand major concessions from the workers while threatening to ship more jobs to Mexico if the union does not agree to its demands.

“United in solidarity from Oregon and Colorado to Illinois, Virginia and Georgia, we stand ready to negotiate but refuse all attempts by the company to force workers to accept concessions that rob them of their dignity,” stated BCTGM International President Anthony Shelton.

Among the notable products that were produced by the MTD-affiliated Bakery Workers are Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies and Ritz crackers.

In the last seven years, Nabisco has closed three BCTGM-represented bakeries in the United States, downsized others and shipped nearly 2000 middle-class BCTGM jobs to Mexico. The union is continuing its “Check the Label” campaign that urges consumers to stop buying Nabisco products made in Mexico.

“We will stand with our sisters and brothers of the Bakery Workers in this fight for good, solid American jobs,” declared MTD President Michael Sacco. “We are with you money, marbles and chalk.”

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