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Grass Roots Action Saves Thousands of AFSCME Jobs in Kansas


Members of the Kansas Organization of State Employees (KOSEA) AFT/AFSCME Local 300 won an important grass roots political victory when they prevented the state legislature from enacting a budge that would have cut 1,000 jobs and furloughed thousands of state employees.

“Winning took dogged determination,” said a spokesperson from AFSCME.  “KOSE members and community supporters made their presence felt and voices heard at the steps of the State Capitol during the 2010 legislative session. They mobilized more than 300 activists for a Lobby Day in February and formed “gauntlets” outside each chamber, urging wavering legislators to stand with them.”

“It would have been devastating to our community if state workers were furloughed,” says Pat Staab, a petroleum industry regulator and a member of KOSE. “The citizens ofKansashave demonstrated that they want nothing less than a functioning state government to meet their needs.”

KOSE represents 11,000 employees throughout the state.

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