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ITF Launches Global Survey of Mariners to Study Their Mental Health And Wellbeing


The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) along with its Seafarers” Trust has commissioned Yale University to study the mental health wellness and overall wellbeing of merchant mariners by understanding the risk factors associated with stress, depression and anxiety.

The ITF and the Trust decided the study was needed based on reports from mariners and mariner advocacy groups that the mental health of seafarers is a major concern. The ITF and the Trust also realized research on this subject is substantially limited.

The ITF and the Trust look for the findings from this study will promote greater understanding of the mental health burden in mariners, reduce stigma associated with mental illness, identify and reduce risks for depression and anxiety, and allow for appropriate recommendations to improve the shipping environment in terms of mental health support.

To achieve these goals, the surveyors want to include a large and representative population of global seafarers. The actual survey is anonymous. It does not ask for any identifying information and takes about 10 minutes to complete. The project plans to include a minimum of 2000 mariners.

Mariners wishing to take the online survey, which is in English only, please log on to: .

All completed surveys must be received by January 15, 2019.

The ITF is a London-based organization of approximately 650 transportation-related unions (including several MTD affiliates) from more than 140 countries. The ITF Seafarers’ Trust supports the provision of services to maritime workers; invests in long-term programs that improve seafarers’ and their families’ health and wellbeing; and acts as a catalyst for positive change in the maritime community.

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