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Labor Secretary States MTD’s Advocacy Is Making an Enormous Difference


Thank you for fighting for America’s working people!”

That was the message delivered via video from Labor Secretary Hilda Solis at the MTD executive board meeting in Orlando.

Given the critical role that the maritime industry plays in enhancing the nation’s economy and defense interests, maritime labor represents “the best of America’s labor movement,” she stated.

The secretary said the MTD, its affiliates and Port Maritime Councils have been playing critical role in educating the American people about the importance of preserving a strong U.S. maritime industry and in supporting President Obama’s plan to create new jobs.

Solis stressed that the White House will continue to refuse to give in to those forces in American society who would use this latest economic crisis to chip away at the integrity of U.S. wage, safety and retirement standards and even basic collective bargaining rights.

The bottom line?  According to Solis, the MTD’s advocacy is making an enormous difference, both for the U.S. maritime industry and in preserving important U.S. labor standards.

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