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Michigan Pmc Uses Vote-By-Mail To Elect Its Officers


Because of social distancing during this coronavirus pandemic, the
Michigan Maritime Trades Port Council took advantage of the services
offered by the sisters and brothers in the US Postal Service to elect
its new officers. The Port Council mailed ballots to its 22 affiliates
who returned them marked through the Port Office.

Elected were Jeannette Bradshaw, President; Todd Brdak,
Secertary-Treasurer; and Ed Coffey, Vice President. The PMC’s three
Trustees will be Lee Bruner, Eric McPherson and Dennis Aguirre II.

The Port Council’s annual Ron Krochmalny Golf Classic still is set for
Friday, September 18, at the Oak Ridge Golf Club in New Haven, MI. For
more information, contact Brother Brdak at 810-794-9375.

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