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MTD Affiliates Continue Working During Coronavirus Crisis

Civillian-crewed hospital ship USNS Mercy is assigned to Los Angeles.

While the world continues to fight the spread of the coronavirus,
American and Canadian merchant mariners remain on their vessels
delivering for the citizens of their countries.

Containerships and tankers, tugs and barges move needed goods on the
oceans, Great Lakes and inland waterways. Civilian-crewed military
vessels — including two U.S. Navy hospital ships — are answering the
call to serve.

Ashore, dock workers and suppliers make sure port operations move as
efficiently as possible during these trying times. In domestic
shipyards, union workers build and repair  the vessels needed to
transport cargo and military supplies. Operating Engineers aboard
dredges are clearing harbors and waterways for vessel movements.

But the MTD is more than mariners, port workers and shipbuilders.

MTD affiliates — like the CWA and AFT — have health care workers who
are risking their lives to save others. AFGE members include Veterans
Administration hospital workers, in addition to serving throughout the
federal government. OPEIU members serve at the American Red Cross.

Fire Fighters are neighborhood heroes, responding to fires, accidents
and other emergencies.

Local and state government workers, represented by AFSCME, are doing
what they can to make sure their institutions function on a daily

Machinists who make badly needed ventilators were facing a
June-contract deadline. These trade unionists decided to extend the
contract in order to keep their factory operating so others may be

Bakery Workers are working overtime to keep bread, pastries and snack
foods on grocery store shelves.

IBEW members work to keep the lights on for all practicing social
distancing from home, while Mine Workers keep heading underground to
provide coal for those power plants that require it.

These are just a few of the activities performed by MTD-affiliate
members. Many other union workers in the construction, retail, service
and professional trades are working everyday to keep the United States
and Canada moving during these extraordinary times.

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