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MTD Affiliates, Port Councils Urged to Demonstrate Jones Act Support


As the MTD continues to stand up for the Jones Act, we’re asking our affiliates and Port Maritime Councils to participate in a national email campaign that is quick, easy and important.

The American Maritime Partnership (AMP), to which the MTD is affiliated, has created a web portal (linked below) that allows individuals to enter your name, address and email address. It will then automatically determine who your Congressional elected officials are and prepare an email for you to send to your US Representative and Senators, requesting that they support the Jones Act. You will have the option to edit and personalize the message, or simply send it as is. The whole process can be completed in about a minute or two.

Please take a moment this week to contact your Members of Congress and let them know you support the Jones Act. You can do that simply by clicking on this link and following the instructions:

Again, you can either send a pre-formatted message or edit the note as you wish. The MTD encourages you to personalize it and tell Congress why your job matters to you, and what would happen to you, your family, and your job if the Jones Act goes away. Your personal story, even just a sentence, will make the letter more effective.

Please note that the list of email addresses will be retained by AMP, but never sold or shared with other parties. If there are future needs for supporters of the U.S. Merchant Marine to reach out to Congress, AMP will send out alerts requesting that individuals reach out again via this system. It will always be the choice of the individual whether to generate a letter and the individual always controls the content of any communication sent in his or her name.

The Jones Act is vital for America and crucial for the job security of many members of MTD-affiliated unions. Now is the time to speak out in support of this critical law.

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