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MTD, Affiliates Protest Boeing’s Fire Fighter Lockout

IAFF Rally Boeing01

It used to be common sense to want firefighters on your side. Apparently, Boeing hasn’t gotten the message. The aerospace giant locked out 125 members of International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local I-66, in a wanton attempt to force the workers into accepting a substandard contract offer. 

AFL-CIO President Shuler (right) leads a picket line chant on the megaphone, with IAFF President Kelly (left) looking on.

This tactic was so craven that President Biden expressed his disapproval on social media, writing “I’m concerned by reports that Boeing locked out IAFF I-66 members. I encourage folks to return to the table to secure a deal that…gets these firefighters the pay and benefits they deserve.”

The Labor movement voiced its own displeasure in a direct manner: staging a picket in front of Boeing’s headquarters in Northern Virginia this past Monday. IAFF President Ed Kelly, AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler and Congresswoman Val Hoyle (D-OR) were among the dozens of protesters.

Maritime Trades Department Chief of Staff Brittanie Potter represented MTD at the event, noting that the feeling of solidarity was palpable among her fellow attendees.

The MTD urges Boeing to drop the dramatic tactics at once, and come to an agreement in good faith with the firefighters that affords them the pay, benefits, and dignity they are entitled to. 


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