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MTD Calls For Justice For All


The Sisters and Brothers of MTD affiliates who crew US-flag ships, who
build US-flag vessels, who work on US docks, and who supply these
American workers know the value of teamwork and working together.

These members of our Port Councils and unions have marched, do march
and will march when we witness and experience injustice. The death of
George Floyd was uncalled for and only the latest. The call for
justice is valid. We will continue to work to bring equality and
justice for ALL Americans. It must happen.

However, destruction solves nothing. Words mean little if there is no
action. It is way past time for all Americans to realize that “We, the
People” needs to truly come to all – people of color, native
Americans, immigrants seeking a better life.

Unionism is solidarity. The MTD stands, marches and fights for
solidarity – peaceful solidarity – for all.

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