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MTD Thanks AFT And Instructors During ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’


The Maritime Trades Department is proud to be one of more than 200 unions, civic organizations, civil rights, student and parent groups to salute the MTD-affiliated American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and celebrate instructors during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6).

The AFT sponsored ads in newspapers across the country featuring the logos of all the organizations expressing their support.

“This week, parents, students and civic groups, as well as labor unions, civil rights leaders and more, are saying thank you to America’s hardworking teachers,” stated AFT President Randi Weingarten.

“Teaching has never been an easy job, but today’s educators have really been through it. They’re getting our kids caught up on their lessons, filling in during staff shortages, digging into their pockets for money for school supplies, and juggling individual students’ academic and emotional needs with insufficient support and class sizes that are way too large,” she added.

“They need support to help our kids recover, not attacks from political extremists who make their jobs harder. We want every educator out there to hear one important message during Teacher Appreciation Week: Your works matters and we are grateful,” concluded Weingarten.


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