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MTD Thanks Biden For Rejecting Jones Act Waivers


In the wake of recent attacks on the Jones Act, the MTD issued a letter of thanks to President Biden for yet again standing for the nation’s freight cabotage law.

On March 5, the president told officials from the MTD-affiliated Seafarers International Union and the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association as well as the Masters, Mates & Pilots that he remained solidly in favor of the Jones Act. Days later, foreign interests sought waivers from the Maritime Administration to move petroleum products between U.S. ports because of rising gas prices due to the war in Ukraine. To date, the administration has rejected all waiver requests.

“The Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO once again thanks you for your longstanding and steady support for the Jones Act,” read the March 14 letter from MTD President Michael Sacco and Executive Secretary-Treasurer Daniel Duncan.

“The U.S. maritime industry has been and continues to be able to meet the nation’s domestic petroleum and supply chain needs. We thank you and your administration for denying already submitted Jones Act waiver requests,” the Biden letter continued.

“Just as you have stood for American workers over the years, the men and women who crew, build and supply the vessels of the U.S.-flag merchant fleet stand with our fellow countrymen.”

The full text of the March 14 letter to President Biden may be seen here.
MTD Biden Jones Act Letter

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