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Nabisco Dunks Oreos to Mexico



Steve Bertelli, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of BCTGM
Steve Bertelli, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of BCTGM

Say farewell to union-made Oreos. The iconic American cookie that generations grew up eating are now being made in Mexico.

Its parent company, Nabisco/Mondelez, built the world’s largest bakery in Salinas Victoria, Mexico and made plans to transfer 70 percent of its U.S. and Canadian operations there when it failed to extract $46 million in concessions from BCTGM Local 300 in Chicago, as reported during the MTD’s Executive Board Meeting in February.

The Bakery Workers said this is another example of corporate greed as the Nabisco/Mondelez CEO makes $20 million a year while nearly 600 well-paying union jobs in the U.S. have been lost in the race to the border.

In February, Steve Bertelli, the BCTGM Secretary-Treasurer and an MTD Executive Board member, told the body, “We fulfilled our part of the contract. We showed up for work. We did what was needed. We were loyal.”

After Bertelli’s moving account in February, the MTD board approved a statement calling for solidarity with the Bakery Workers. For more information on the AFL-CIO backed boycott of Mexican-made Nabisco snacks, go to









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