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New Plumbers Shipbuilding Director Calls for Strong U.S. and Canadian Maritime Industry


In introducing himself to the MTD-affiliated United Association (UA) membership as its new director for Metal Trades Department, James Hart spoke out strongly for a strong U.S. and Canadian shipbuilding and maritime capability.

Writing in the August 2012 issue of the UA Journal, Hart stated, “A thriving American and Canadian maritime industry is critical to the national security of our two nations and an accelerator for local, state and provincial economies.”

Hart saluted the hard-working union men and women who built the recently launched USS Somerset. He said these workers “possess unparalleled skill and display their commitment to quality, passion, pride and public service on the worksites situated around the world.”

He also expressed with concern proposed budget cuts that could affect the number of new builds coming out of American yards, while noting with pride that the Canadian government recently provided funds for rebuilding the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard which would benefit that nation’s shipbuilders.

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