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San Francisco PMC Adopts Resolution Against Food For Peace Waivers


Just to make sure no elected official in northern California is confused with its position, the San Francisco Bay Area and Vicinity Port Council passed a resolution declaring its opposition to “Senate Concurrent Resolutions 37 and 38 in the Ukrainian supplemental funding legislation and any subversion of U.S. cargo preference laws.”

The PMC took the immediate action after the two resolutions were offered to “temporarily” waive the U.S.-flag shipping provisions from PL-480 (Food for Peace) cargo destined to war-torn Ukraine and other nations needing food assistance. The resolutions, sponsored by Sens. Joni Ernest (R-IA) and Chris Coons (D-DE), would allow foreign-flag, foreign-crewed vessels to move Food for Peace cargo. While the MTD fully supports the need to get food and other goods to those suffering, it strongly opposes abandoning U.S. mariners – who have dependably delivered around the world since the founding of the United States.

San Francisco PMC President Dave Connolly said, “American aid needs to be sent to those hurting around the world. This is our country at its most generous. But, it must be sent aboard U.S.-flag ships with American crews.”

While the House of Representatives passed the supplemental Ukrainian funding bill May 10, the Senate has not taken final action. Media reports state it will receive bipartisan support, but Port Councils across the country continue to call their Senate offices to make sure the waivers are not included.

To see full resolution:
MTD SF Ports Council Resolution for SHIP AMERICAN 2022 SenRes 37 and 38

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