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SIU Secretary-Treasurer Named to Lloyd’s List Top 100 in Shipping Industry

David Heindel

David Heindel, secretary-treasurer of the Seafarers International Union (an MTD affiliate), recently was included on a list of the 100 most influential people in the worldwide shipping industry by the respected Lloyd’s List.

Citing his role as chair of the seafarers’ section of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), the publication observed, “David Heindel has his work cut out for him in the current climate.  Economic turmoil unfortunately tends to hit seafarers hardest, even without the continuing threat from piracy.”

Other U.S. citizens included on the list include Federal Maritime Commissioner Richard Lidinsky and Overseas Shipholding Group President and CEO Morten Arntzen.

Responding to the fact that he, as a representative of the ITF, was placed on such a list, Heindel observed, “I think it’s important that the ITF was included …

“The rights and working conditions of merchant mariners should and must be part of any discussion about our industry. And on a global level, it’s certainly no exaggeration to say that the ITF is front and center when it comes to standing up for seafarers.”

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