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St Louis PMC and Affiliate Help Community Rebuild


The head of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen called on the members of the Greater St. Louis Area and Vicinity Port Council to show “the nation we can come together and be much better than anyone thought we could be.”

Lewis Reed, who serves as the board’s president, addressed the PMC’s annual holiday luncheon in December. According to the St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune, Reed reminded those attending that the city is a much better place than what has been seen through the national media in the days and weeks after a grand jury returned a “no true bill” regarding the investigation of a Ferguson (MO) police officer’s fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

“I think St. Louis is going to show the nation we’re a much greater city than they think we can be,” the newspaper quotes Reed as saying.

During the same week Reed was speaking, members of PMC-affiliated Glaziers Local 513 worked with a local company (Glass Concepts) to replace the front window of a local bakery that had been shattered when hoodlums threw a chair through it. All materials and work were donated.

Business Manager Mark Kuhlenberg told the Labor Tribune, “To see somebody like this, trying to start a business to support herself and put her kids through school, getting knocked down for no reason, it hurts, and we want to step in and help.”

The bakery, located in Ferguson, had opened in June. With the help of the Glaziers, Glass Concepts and others, the bakery was able to meet its Thanksgiving commitments.

Brother Kuhlenberg added, “This is what unions do across the city throughout the year. I don’t think people know it, but they should.”

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