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Statement By MTD President Michael Sacco on El Faro Search


As the search for the El Faro mariners continues, our thoughts and prayers remain with them and their families. In this age when we are all accustomed to instant information and quick answers, it has been an agonizing wait these last few days.

However, we know that the search crews are doing everything possible to locate our brothers and sisters. On behalf of our entire organization, I extend our deepest, most heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the search, including those from the Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force as well as fellow Seafarers who have been deployed. I’m sure others have also pitched in; I thank every single one of them.

We are supporting the overall effort in every way possible, including hosting meetings at SIU hall in Jacksonville, Florida, and doing our best to keep the membership informed. On that note, I thank the team at TOTE Maritime for their outstanding work in providing the most up-to-date information around the clock.

I also want to thank all the union members and their families who have reached out in support through social media. The response there has been overwhelming, and at a time when we’ve basically felt helpless, it has been comforting to pull together and share our hopes and feelings and thoughts. Whether on the ships or in the halls or in cyberspace, we remain a family.

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