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Two AFGE Members Attempt Rescue of Fallen Mariner


Two AFGE members are recovering from hypothermia after their “selfless
attempt” to save a Canadian Seafarer who had fallen from a bosun’s
chair during a docking maneuver on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Jeremy Buffham and Nicholas “Nick” Hallada jumped into the water
around 12:30 am on October 17 when they saw Alfred Eshun fall from the
freighter Spruceglen.
The vessel was headed upriver as it was preparing to go through the
Eisenhower Locks near Messena, reported WWNY News.

AFGE District 2 National Representative Robin R. Johnson called the
efforts of Buffham and Hallada a “selfless attempt” to save a fellow
human being.

“My heartfelt condolences on the loss of the man they were trying to
save,” Johnson told the Seafarers Union of Canada.

According to SIU of Canada President Jim Given,  Eshun “is one of the
good guys and he will be sorely missed.”

Given, who also serves as the MTD Eastern Area Executive Board Member,
reached out to AFGE District 2 to express his union’s appreciation for
the rescue efforts. When Given received word of the accident, he was a
delegate to the International Transport Workers’ Federation Congress
in Singapore. Delegates held a moment of silence in memory of Brother

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