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Union Brother Marty Walsh Sworn In As Labor Secretary

Marty Walsh

A card-carrying trade unionist is the new U.S. Labor Secretary
following Senate confirmation on March 22.

Laborer Marty Walsh has taken the helm of the federal department that
oversees workplace health and safety, labor law enforcement, and
wage-and-hour protection, among other issues.

“He’s like someone you grew up with; he has no pretensions,” stated
Gerard Dhooge, president of the Maritime Port Council of Greater
Boston and New England Area.

“He is someone who started out putting his boots on and going to work
everyday. He is a lifelong advocate for working people,” added Dhooge,
who has worked with Walsh for 25 years.

A first-generation American whose parents immigrated from Ireland, the
Massachusetts native grew up in Boston. He joined Laborers Local 223
at the age of 21, and rose through the ranks to eventually become its
president. He served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives
from 1997 to 2014.

In 2011, he was elected president of the Boston Metropolitan District
Building Trades Council. He stepped down two years later to run a
successful campaign for Boston mayor.

The 53-year-old resigned as mayor after his Senate confirmation. He
becomes the first union member to serve as Labor Secretary since the
Nixon administration.

After the Senate vote, Walsh noted, “I spent my entire career fighting
for working people and I’m eager to continue that fight in

“We look forward to working with Secretary Walsh,” said MTD President
Michael Sacco. “He’s come through the ranks and understands the needs
and concerns of working people. That will be an important perspective
in the Capitol and around the country.”

Walsh “understands the power of collective action and his confirmation
strengthens our fight to improve the lives of working people across
the country,” declared AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “Now the
power to enforce safety and equity in our workplaces has been handed
from a ruthless corporate lawyer to a proud union brother.”

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