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MTD Executive Board Calls Upon Congress and the Administration to Enact Comprehensive Strategy to Promote U.S. Jobs and the Maritime Industry


Meeting in Orlando, Florida March 8-9, the Executive Board of the Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO urged Congress and the administration to devise and implement a comprehensive strategy to promote job growth in the maritime industry and the nation at large.

Expressing strong support for America’s troops, the board members noted the importance of different segments of the industry and reaffirmed their support for programs that promote important U.S. national security and economic interests.  Among the topics discussed were the following:  America’s shipyards, cargo preference, the Maritime Security Program, oversight of national ocean policy and port modernization.

The international maritime industry was also discussed as the members passed statements dealings with the flag-of-convenience system, piracy, the importance of ratifying certain ILO conventions and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Labor issues were also discussed, including the need to devise programs to promote job creation, the importance of fighting attacks on organized labor and labor standards, support for the International Longshoreman’s Association, the American Crystal Sugar lockout and recent developments at Verizon.

The board members also praised the career accomplishments of Frank Pecquex, who retired last year as the MTD’s executive secretary-treasurer.

What follows is a listing of the resolutions.  For the full text, please click on the individual headings.


America’s Shipyards

Cargo Preference

Flag-of-Convenience Campaign

The Jones Act

Maritime Security Program (MSP)

Oversight of National Ocean Policy


Port Modernization

Support the Troops & Veterans

UN Convention of the Law of the Sea


The American Crystal Sugar Lockout

Frank Pecquex


Justice at Verizon

Labor Under Attack




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